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Experience the Wonders of Greece with Chriscrossing’s Exclusive Tour Service

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Chriscrossing, starting with a convenient pickup from your hotel. Our first destination is the awe-inspiring Corinth Canal, boasting a length of 6 kilometers and a towering height of 80 meters. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at the stunning views and capture memorable photos.

Next, we venture to the historic Nemea, renowned for its significant role in Greek mythology as the site where Hercules defeated the Nemean Lion, marking the first of his 12 labors. Nemea is also celebrated for its illustrious wine production, both in terms of quantity and quality. During your visit, immerse yourself in local traditions and indulge in wine tastings, featuring a variety of exquisite flavors and aromas at two local wineries.

In the afternoon, unwind in the enchanting town of Nauplio, one of Greece’s most picturesque destinations and the first capital of modern Greek history. Savor a delightful lunch with typical Greek dishes and journey through time as you stroll along narrow streets lined with charming houses, encountering the iconic Palamidi and Bourtzi castles. After a day brimming with new and extraordinary experiences, we’ll ensure your comfortable return to your hotel.

Please note that you have the flexibility to customize your tour by opting to visit either Ancient Mycenae or Ancient Nemea instead of Nauplio. Explore the archaeological wonders of Mycenae, an ancient town of great historical significance, featuring the well-preserved “Gate of Lions” and “Tomb of King Atreus.” Alternatively, delve deeper into the mythology and history of Ancient Nemea, visiting its archaeological site and museum.

Choose Chriscrossing for a seamless and enriching Greek adventure, where history, culture, and natural beauty come together to create an experience you’ll cherish forever.


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