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Full Day Athens Tour

We start the tour by visiting the so called “sacred rock”, The Acropolis. Here you will see the Parthenon that was dedicated to goddess Athena (Parthenos), Propylea, the monumental entrance to the sacred area, the temple of Athena Nike which was dedicated to Athena Nike (Victory) the Erechtheion with its famous female figures-statues the Caryatides or Maidens dedicated to both goddess Athena and god Poseidon. The Odeum of Herodus Atticus and the ruins of the first theatre in the whole world the Theatre of Dionysus and finally the Areopagus (Mars Hill). Areopagus and AcropolisAkropolisParthenon

Dionysos theater Odeon of Herodes Atticus Propilea - Temple of Nike

We will proceed to the Temple of Olympian Zeus (visit) and then to Panathenaic or Kallimarmaro Stadium which hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 (short visit). We will drive by the Prime Minister’s residence (Maximou Mansion), the former Royal Palace, today the Presidential Palace, and the House of Parliament with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (short stop so as to watch the changing of the guards). We continue our tour by driving up to the highest point of Athens, the Lycabettus Hill (the best 360 degree panoramic view of Athens). We will conclude our tour with a quick visit to the oldest and most picturesque neighbourhood of Athens, Plaka.

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